Changing Delivery with Tamper Evident Packaging

Food Delivery Packaging would like to introduce our new range of Tamper Evident products, an exciting new addition to the food delivery world! Why not take a read and discover the benefits on how it will help you as a business owner and how it will keep your customers coming back for more. Afterword’s if you’re a little bit curious and would like to know more please contact us.

Let’s begin….

With Covid 19 everyone is more conscious about health and safety (understandably right!). Consumers now more than ever want to know their food is safe. Plus, traditional To-Go containers can open accidentally, either in delivery by bike or motor or from being jostled on the shelf. That’s were Tamper Evident Packaging comes in it gives the consumer reassurance that their food that is being delivered has not been opened or tampered with. Plus, it helps businesses know that their food is safe in delivery.


Starting with Storage, the tamper evident packaging is either stackable or flat packed to ensure not much storage room is taken up by the packaging.

The packaging is easy to assemble with just quick tabs to close to lock the food into the packaging securely. Due to how the tamper evident locked in features works the food holds its temperature for longer. Our Crepe Packaging also has vents to stop condensation, to prevent food from going soggy and not lose the crispness. Our packaging is also leak proof, so stops spillages from occurring during delivery.

The Tamper Evident Packaging can also save time on prep. For example, before a busy lunch service you could prepare hot dishes ready for collection ahead of time. The benefits are you know they are not being tampered with and the freshness and temperature will hold longer.


Using easy foldable packaging, once the food is placed inside the tabs are closed, the customer must tear the tabs away to open the packaging.



Our Tamper Evident Packaging are made from sustainable paper materials. Which makes them fully Recyclable! Make changes to your business today by introducing sustainable materials. Recycled paper is much more energy efficient, using 70% less than when made from new raw materials. Custom Print is available, so why not get inspired (check out our next blog) and get your items custom branded. Help market your company with no extra effort required..


Tamper Evident Products also available to be custom printed include:

Pizza Boxes, Noodle Containers, Crepe Holders, Meal Boxes and Burger Boxes. 

Now you know more about Tamper evident and the benefits please don't hesitate to contact us for any more information.

Watch this space for more packaging blogs and interesting facts. 







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