SUP Labels

What is the new SUP label?

Following the legislation by the EU on harmonised marking specifications on single- use- plastic products, our label will inform consumers of:

  • The presence of plastic in the product.
  • The waste disposal means to be avoided for the product.
  • The negative impact of the inappropriate disposal of the product.

You will need the SUP Label if you are:

  • A beverage cup made partly from plastic.
  • A beverage cup made wholly from plastic.

Why Should I order SUP labels? 

  • Our labels meet all the necessary requirements of the new legislation and will allow you to use existing stock and make sure it does not go to waste! The label will also make sure that all your cups are covered if they are 8oz, 12oz or 16oz! Our labels will allow you to be within the regulations until the marking must be included in the design of the cup itself!