Airfree Air Purifiers
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Airfree Air Purifiers

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Airfree Air Purifiers are a range of air purifiers suitable for any space, home, work & schools. Airfree Air Purifiers have been proven to eliminate Covid19 & up to 99.9% of airborne viruses & bacteria.

With 3 different options to chose from - 

P80W - Airfree is the natural solution to asthma, respiratory allergies & mould. Eliminates mites, allergens of domestic animals, bacteria & viruses. Capacity 32m2 / 80m3

Tulip80W - Airfree Tulip is the ideal solution for compact spaces, destroying mould viruses, bacteria, pet dander & more. Colour Changing night light. Capacity 32m2/80m3 

Lotus150W - Airfree Lotus combines a distinctive design with exclusive technology allowing a change of colour and the opening of the device's petals, eliminates bacteria, viruses, pollen & other microorganism from the air. Capacity 60m2/150m3

The Airfree Air Purifiers consume less electricity then a 50watt bulb!

No Maintenance or Servicing Required.

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